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You’ve been mobbed!

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From the Arab Springs to the Occupy Movement. Mobile phones aided by its integration with social networking sites have been a game changing tool in the world of social movements. One Tweet to retweets, from one post to thousand of shares, the message is delivered.

And it doesn’t end as a digital data stored in servers circulating the net. The message is transformed into actual action.

People storming the streets and public hang-outs, meeting like-minded individuals and sharing thoughts and experiences. Writing shout-outs and bannering messages. The application is transformed into an actual space of interaction.

Online presence and online interaction have changed the emanation of the concept of mobility. But in turn, it just reflects what people are really designed – be recognized, be heard, be mobilized.

Whatever the message, it can be transmitted. But if the message is significant it can make ripples. And through that way, mobile phones in our time can share a seat entitled to be called one of the essential tools for change.

This is the capacity of the mobile phones unfolded awaiting to be morphed to the next level.


Is this the time that marketing mobile phones should step up a notch? Not merely packaging the product that delivers the message that this will make your life easier.And delivers a new message that this product will make your life meaningful?

What do you think? The POINT Team asks…