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Teleporting possible!

Mobile Phones and the concept of mobility

Teleporting possible!

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Being mobile is the act to be continuously moving from one point to another. In this age of information technology, being mobile also denotes of having and doing multiple things even if you are stable and not moving.

Tricky isn’t it? It is like teleporting in the same exact dimension.

In just a swipe of your smartphones, you can go to online shops and experience just like visiting your usual go-to mall or night market. Another flick, you can view your old photographs and archived notes, just like traveling down your own memory lane. With the same swipe and flick, you can even reach hundreds to thousands of people through your tweets and shout-outs.

Through mobile phones, it’s quite a reality as it delivers efficiency to ones life. In some extent, putting tangible 3D experience into screens.

It’s time to reflect. How does mobile phone improve your day-to-day life? List your must-have mobile applications and share your experience.

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