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Retail Audit

Research Background

Telecom Electronics is a major market in Kenya. The Client is interested to conduct enumeration and market performance study among the retail outlets of telecom.

Key Research Objectives

Merchandizing (handles market POSM deployment and POSM distributions/execution to the mapped POS under Staff coverage and/or allocated responsibility market Zone).

Data collections from POS under staff Route based on regular Visits (sales records “purchase-Sales-Inventory – PSI” from W/S dealer/retailers/POS) about mobiles models per brand sales on daily/weekly basis.

Provide product knowledge training and participate in all initiatives during the year toward boosting sales and or developing market increase sales volumes and Market Share.

Track distributors’ distributions Network and stocks supply and monitor competitors’ activities.

Apply our client Display guideline to all market under supervision from retail audit staff from client.

Our Approach

Understand DEEPLY


Think BIG


Design FRESH






Staff Needs & Responsibility

Retail Audit Manager

  • Overall Project Management Evaluation
  • Overall field design and management.
  • Field briefing and training
  • Communication with client team.
  • Approving data points that will be gathered by field.
  • Quality control report audit
  • Weekly and Monthly report writing and revisions.
  • Team Training on Product Knowledge Training
  • Team Training on client Display Guidelines
  • Setting data needed form Retail Audit Team
  • Approving “Weekly Report” and “Quarter Report”

Zone Supervisor

  • Field plan execution.
  • Managing of and recruit more shops / training new field entries.
  • Ensuring client standards and guidelines are in practice in the field.
  • Retail Audit and Reporting any new activity in the market.
  • Preparing quality control reports.
  • Troubleshooting and collecting quires from the field that need client input.

Area Supervisors

  • Set weekly tasks per zones for the team.
  • Zone troubleshooting
  • Available as client “product and display” expert for the field team in case of field questions.


The sample will be divided among the project across all governorates.

Each governorate will be divided in to a number of districts.

In order to achieve all proposed sample of outlets and vendors across the country; number of key districts will be selected from each governorates The basis for selecting these districts will depend on the population density within these districts and the geographic spread within the governorate.

To begin with trained and qualified auditors will recruit 2 outlets that deal in telecom products and services in each of these districts. The selection of these outlets will be random and we could have a mix of small, medium and large outlets across the country.

The outlets will be arranged by client Mobile and CE.

The data shall be sent back to ConsulSat office in daily base using a papers and proposed Taps, to be collect the data through it, for each governorate by the auditor.

Quality control measures (1)

Before starting the fieldwork, all auditors will undergo an intensive training program, designed to acquaint them with:

  • Recruitment procedures
  • Interviewing techniques, including initial approaches.
  • client product and display guidelines
  • Things that need to be checked and observed at the outlet
  • Fieldwork methods and sampling procedures.

A central briefing session for all auditors and supervisors will be held to explain the survey objectives, set-up, the recruitment and interviewing procedures and how the questionnaire should be administered. Personal briefing provided by supervisors/field manager.
Supervisor will be responsible for training & supervising the auditors, as well as monitoring the progress and quality of project.

Quality control measures (2)

As per the proposed quality assurance system, a portion of each auditor’s work will be selected for checking. These quality checks will be conducted to ensure that:

  • Interviews were carried out with properly selected respondents.
  • Interviews were conducted in accordance with the project’s instructions.
  • The auditors actually visited the outlet.

In a given week, if a particular auditor’s quality of work appears dubious, all of that auditor’s work will be examined for that governorate. If it is established that the auditor’s work is poor, his/her entire assignment for that period will be rejected and replaced and the auditor will be removed from the project.
As a QC standard, 30% of all the fieldwork will be back-checked. A large proportion of interviews will be back-checked for new auditors to ensure adherence to quality standards. Accompaniments/back-checks done by:

  • Supervisor
  • Field manager
  • At least 10% per auditor, 30% of the sample