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Consulsat Radar


As is so often said, information is power, and the media play a variety of important roles in this equation.

They report on current events & campaigns around the world, they provide frameworks for products & services in the market, they mobilize the people loyalty to various brands & companies, they reproduce the predominant culture.

Many of these functions are reinforced during campaigns, and the media became the principal forum where competition is played out.

What Is Consulsat Radar?

Consulsat Radar

What is Media Monitoring :

The process of reading, watching or listening to the editorial content of media sources on a continuing basis, and then, identifying, saving and analyzing content that contains specific keywords or topics.

Why Media Monitoring :

1.Highly support Campaigns planning, implementing, controlling & evaluation.

2.Understand and learn from customers, track conversations, identify leads, buyers and influencers.

3.Build a relationships with customers and community around your company, your brand and your products.

4.It helps you understand the media climate regarding your organization in a quick glance.

What Consulsat Radar Tell?

Radar Tell

What’s being said about our interest

What’s the target’s perception on us?

Is our advertisements & campaign working?

Where are we absente from? And what new we can  add?

What To Be Monitored?





Social Media

How To Monitor?


Media tools, Companies & topics you focus on to be monitor


Listen to what all selected media say carefully & by details


In the specific format write down all related topics with details


Report in selected base all synopsized information, plus ad-hoc report.


Reports :

1.Dashboard Report : including selected media data on monthly base.

2.Ad-Hoc report : includes new topics that are caught during the daily work.


1.Visual Records : for videos recorded from TV, YouTube …etc.

2.Audible Records : an audio record from Radio, Internet …etc.

3.Printed Materials : from all monitored printed media Newspapers, Magazine …etc.

4.Photos : for all monitored Outdoor media e.g. Outdoor signs.

Media Tools Accessibility

ConsulSat has an effective access to cover all Kenyaese Media Tools  :

1.TV : Satellites and Local channels.


3.Newspaper & Other Printed Materials.


5.Social Media.

With possible access to International media tools, if requested.

High Quality

We ensure deliverables high quality through aggressive procedure  :

1.Technologies & Infrastructures : ConsulSat prepared newest media monitoring lap contained developed computers, audio players & savers, TV recorder & players ..etc.

2.Team Selection : By conducting thorough interview we select qualified & creative people.

3.General Training : All team member attend a extensive training focusing in projects scope & objectives.

4.Special Training : For each project task team e.g. field, supervisors, entry team ..etc. Thos training include more details for each specific task.

5.Continuous Quality Check: Where daily check done by the quality check team & project supervisor to ensure the quality & accurate data.

6.Data Cleaning & Mining : Where specialized team member ensure providing clients with full cleaned & mined data.

7. Finally & most important that in ConsulSat we work with high loyalty & as one family, where every member work hardly to lighting company quality image.